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Thanks for visiting my new website, Mindgames Consulting.  This site is dedicated to the discussion of sport psychology among my two favorite eSports, League of Legends and Starcraft 2.  I am still updating content and getting the site underway.  There will be a grand opening after all the content is updated, so please stop back for more updates.  Thanks!

Timeline: Website opening December 18th 2011.  Grand opening January 18th 2012.


Update 12/16: LoL page added

Update 12/17: SC2 page added

Update 12/18: First article added, linked to twitter and Facebook.  More content on the way!

Update 12/20: Self-talk introduction and part 1 added.  More content on the way! Please comment with your suggestions or requests.  Further updates will be on!/MindGamesWeldon