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Top 10 sexiest (most motivating) champions: Give yourself a reason to train

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Spice it up! If you are looking for a reason to have fun and motivate yourself to play, these sexy champions can be the eye candy that makes doing the drills fun.

And if you can’t spend your Valentine’s Day weekend chasing tail, but are ranking up instead, at least you can enjoy playing with these fine hotties.



Number 10. Janna the Storm’s Fury

Don’t hold back, baby. Janna can’t hold it back any more. Just let it go, let it go… Okay, maybe her frost queen skin reminds me of one popular animated Disney musical, but Janna has an otherworldly beauty that is absolutely entrancing. Janna is the untouchable eye of the storm; a monsoon waiting to happen. Plus she levitates and that has to give her at least plus fifteen to awesomeness. And her staff is way cool. Janna has lots of sexy skins to choose from that accentuate her hefty hiney, or should I say, her tailwind.

Best skin: Frost Queen



Number 9. Olaf the Berskerker

It could be my soft spot for all things Olaf, or the fact that I live in the frozen north of Scandinavia or just an appreciation of bare skin and ripped thighs, or maybe it’s the duel wielding, but Olaf is hot, even when he’s glacial. The Berserker looks like he’s about to pounce. Can’t you just imagine Olaf and Sejuani locked in the throes of an epic duel, his eyes fixing on her as she lifts him from his bloodrage and she promises him a heroic end? Kind of like the epic battle between Garen and Katarina, only colder, hotter and with more skin.

Best skin: Forsaken



Number 8. Lucian the Purifier

What could be sexier than the ardent blaze burning in Lucian’s chest as he overwhelms his enemies in relentless pursuit of saving his beloved from her eternal torment? Nothing. True love is the ultimate sexy. Lucian looks like he’s straight out of the matrix; a young, ripped, and pissed off Morpheus firing both guns in ultra slow motion as he flips head over heals. With his chiseled jaw and sleek physique Lucian categorically rocks the dual wield and the trench coat, exuding the confidence that people with pure purpose of mind have. But his frowny-face pouty lip and furrowed brow expose his sultry savior side.

Best skin: Hired Gun



Number 7. Yasuo the Unforgiven

Yasuo, with his kick-ass ponytail and beautifully sculpted midsection is one of my favorites for sexiest champion. I love the high noon artwork for Yasuo, and he has that lone ranger meets bushido, man-on-a-wandering-quest-for-his-own-salvation charm. Yasuo is the wayward wanderer full of grief for his real and supposed crimes. You can take me down with that tempest. Hey sweetheart, why don’t you wander over here?

Best Skin: Original



Number 6. Nidalee the Beastial Huntress

Rawr, girl! Nidalee has the feline prowess of a cougar on the prowl, and she’s about to sink her teeth in and claw her way out of the screen at you. All of Nidalee’s skins are totally awesome. She brings on that primal surge because you know she’s going to take you down. And if you’re finding your game not so entertaining, you can always just type /dance.

Best Skin: Leopard



Number 5.  Pantheon the Artisan of War

Tonight we dine in — Hello! We can just imagine the oil those gladiators rubbed all over their bodies to make them slickly escape the groping hands of their foes. It’s like he dropped from heaven perfectly formed. Boom, baby! That ruthless heartseeker!

Best skin: Ruthless



Number 4. Lee Sin the Blind Monk

There are clearly not enough shirtless champions, but Muay Thai Lee Sin would take the cake, even if we could see Garen shirtless. The artwork for pool party Lee Sin reminds me of the opening sequence of Gangnam Style, with those shades and ultimate coolness — but better abs. And what could be sexier than Psy? Probably Psy with washboard abs kicking ass. But more to the point, Lee Sin is Bruce Lee.

Best Skin: Muay Thai



Number 3. Miss Fortune the Bounty Hunter

Sexy is as sexy does and this pistol packin’ prettyface is off the charts. Keep your hands where I can see them! Miss Fortune has the most fun skins maybe of all the champions, plus her emotes are sassy and the way her avatar is programmed to move is sensational. (Unlike some of the other champions who have sexy skins but the movement is just awkward.) Miss Fortune’s Jessica Rabbit secret agent skin is smokin’.

Best Skin: Mafia



Number 2. Graves the Outlaw

Graves reminds me of Aragorn with less of the quiet wandering mystery and more of the gritty outlaw boom boom pow. Behind that smokescreen, he’s one quickdraw away from taking you down. Plus, you have to love this fan art.

Best Skin: Pool Party



Number 1. Ahri the Nine-Tailed Fox

Ahri is one foxy lady. Literally. I know Ahri also tops all of the other lists of sexiest champions, but I just have to agree with them. Maybe it’s because all of her skins rock, or because she has not only one but seven tails (seriously, what’s sexier than a poofy tail?) or that she’s actually part fox, but Ahri is so super foxy. I wanted to think outside the box on this one, but even when competing with all the gals and guys, Ahri is just the sexiest.

Best Skin: Foxfire

GreenGirl is a contributing writer for MindGames, and composed this in honor of all those who are playing League over February 14th in pursuit of their esport dreams.