Navigate SoloQ Anxiety with these five cardinal points

Imagine you’re sitting at your desk, hovering over the play button. You check your friends list, and see nobody online. You hesitate to press play. You start to worry if you’ll have a good experience. Maybe you won’t have someone who can play support, or your teammates aren’t as skilled, or you will get players that refuse […]

Taking off the Rage Glasses: How to Stop Anger from Losing you Games

In my last article, I introduced the concept of two mindsets. A growth mindset allows a person to steadily increase their skill. To review, some of the hallmarks of the growth mindset are accepting criticism, seeing obstacles as challenges instead of threats, and embracing that the success of others is not a threat to ones’ […]

Wrecking Ranked Rage – 3 Steps to less anger in soloq

When I first started playing video games I didn’t think of people raging beyond my brother’s efforts when he played Call of Duty. The amount of console controllers that met their demise are innumerable, along with the rants that were laced with colorful language as my parents banged their feet on the floor as a […]

Learn to Press Play: How to Worry Less and Grow More!

You are staring at the post-game lobby. Your team’s Caitlyn fed the enemy Katarina 6 kills. Katarina spiraled out of control and dominated your entire team. Sitting there, demoralized, you wonder what the point of playing solo queue is. Will it ever get better? Why bother playing? How you reflect on our wins and losses dramatically […]

Fast Food Gaming: Why our culture makes you worse at esports (HINT It’s not about eating while you play)

You’re starving. Thinking of food when you’ve had none for hours can create that feeling. Finally, you arrive at a place with food options. One is a restaurant where you could wait an hour before being seated, and the other? Fast food. You hunger pangs scream loudly for the quickest route to fill your stomach […]