The Comeback Mindset: The Basics of Mental Resilience

In the first round of the EU LCS playoffs, team ROCCAT pulled off a seemingly impossible win, while 2 games down in a best of 5 series.  With all friendly turrets gone, and multiple inhibitors down, how in the world did they keep their cool, and hold their focus to eventually win that game? […]

Aiming For Pro: How To Coach Yourself – Webinar 2

Help me out by providing feedback on the webinar! The question is irrelevant: Mindset is the answer. The Making of an Expert Talent is Overrated Coping gets you ahead. The three people you want to have around you as a social network in order to keep your mindset healthy. These three kinds of people will […]

Mental strength is paramount

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “When should I begin mental training?” Most athletes believe that first they must be an elite performer, and then they will work on the nitty gritty stuff. Unfortunately they couldn’t be more wrong. “If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall […]

Arousal in eSports

Today I want to discuss arousal in eSports, although it’s probably a different kind of arousal than most people are expecting. No, I don’t mean Sona or PMantheon’s chest; nor do I mean Jim Raynor’s rugged good looks or Kerrigan’s naked-bug get-up. What I mean is the activation of the body and the mind, which […]