Ending on a Hai Note: The need for an OP Support…Network

“Team environment/morale was at an all-time low since Worlds 2014. We didn’t have the most spectacular 2014 Summer Split and our run at Worlds was not the best we could’ve done. We tried very hard to figure out how to get back into shape for winning Worlds but we struggled and the team atmosphere started to decline. Winning […]

How to implement corporate rules like TSM with Urszula Klimczak

Urszula Klimczak, business psychologists and manager. We delve into: How to copy TSM’s well-built environment What to do as a CEO to motivate your athletes Why you should keep secrets from your players

Managing a new ranked 5’s team in League of Legends

Esports is awesome because five minutes after watching Froggen carry his team on Ahri, you can log into League of Legends and queue up for mid-lane. You want to experience the joy of a well-cast charm as the hapless opponent walks right into your follow-up. That doesn’t end at individual play. After watching how much […]

Crumbz lays out how to go pro in esports

2015 is the year of eSport. If anybody thought 2014 was big, their mind is going to be blown during the next 12 months. Just last week I gave a speech at BeatCon, a gaming industry conference that mixes hard metal, steampunk, and game developers. (What? Yes, it’s a thing) Anyway during that speech I […]

How too many decisions will ruin your game; And you won’t even feel it.

Imagine. You are playing an intense match. The game has reached a late stage. A single mistake by either team will spell defeat. As you sit on razor’s edge, fingers hovering over an all-important key, the moment comes. Mayhem ensues, and a victor emerges. The scene I just described could have come from numerous recent […]

A Story of Doping in eSports: And Proven Tips to Optimize Your Performance (legally!)

UPDATE: I have created an instructional page for nootropics (Cognitive Enhancing Supplements) for esport. Check it out here to optimize your game WITHOUT the use of illegal stimulants! Learn More about Nootropics “I witnessed doping a lot. It was lying around, like aspirin. The most common was Ritalin. The first time we took it was […]

Top 6 Mental Habits to Dominate Solo Queue

Getting into a habit can take time, and changing habits that we find to be ineffective can be even more troublesome. When setting a goal for solo queue in League of Legends consider these habits that will help provide opportunities for sustained success if you desire to grind out many games a day and for […]


Thanks for visiting my new website, Mindgames Consulting.  This site is dedicated to the discussion of sport psychology among my two favorite eSports, League of Legends and Starcraft 2.  I am still updating content and getting the site underway.  There will be a grand opening after all the content is updated, so please stop back […]