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MGA Q&A #1 April 2015

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  • What are some of the most common mistakes you see esport athletes make when it comes to their training? How is it related to avoidance of internal states, and what impact does it have on their development?
  • To maximize learning I agree with you that it is necessary to keep trying new things and challenging your weaknesses. But in a game like LoL it is also important to climb the ladder if you want to join a good team and eventually become pro. When it comes to climbing the ladder, many give the advice to focus on fewer champions. How do you think players should go about this dilemma between long term goals like for example being the best mid-laner in the world, and shorter term goals like climbing to challenger in SoloQ?
  • How do you train if you can’t play against a good player?
  • Also I remember you taking about how standing up is better then sitting but I am wondering what other small tips there are for when you are really grinding on the game for a few hours what you can do.
  • How many hours are the pros able to keep full focus on performing and playing really try-hard? I find myself losing focus, caring less and forgetting about simple things such as wards when I’m playing many hours trying to climb the ladder. What can I do to improve?
  • Is there any advice you can give me on how I can become a more consistent player? I feel like i go between either crushing games, or being crushed myself.
  • I am wondering how you feel about surrendering in the pro scene? I see Korean teams do it but never in EU or NA. Do you think teams should or shouldn’t?