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Performance profiling

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Performance profiling is a way to assess where one stands in their mental strengths and weaknesses. It is a good way to plan what areas to focus on as well as to gauge growth. Usually a self-assessment is suitable enough, but in a team with excellent relationships a more thorough assessment involving coaches or teammates can be done.

Mental strengths

To begin have a brainstorming session and collect a list of the mental strengths associated with excellent performance in your sport. “What attributes do the best athletes have?” “What makes them so good?” Aim for 6-10 categories and try to coalesce similar ideas so there are not two terms that mean the same thing.


As an athlete, put yourself mentally in a game situation. Imagine the crowd, cameras, location, and competitive feeling. It might be helpful to recall a specific situation in which you felt quite a lot of pressure to perform. Rate yourself on a one to ten scale for each of the categories your brainstorming session generated. Remember this is a time to share your honest opinions with yourself. Nobody else need see this ranking, as it is solely for your benefit, so be fair to your weaknesses and strengths.


To get a visual representation of your current mental strengths you should now transpose your scores on the radar chart. Each spoke/wedge of the chart represents a category; fill in the appropriate number of boxes equivalent to the score you gave for that category on your self assessment. Use this graph to decide how you want to focus your future practice, and keep it for reference against a future assessment to gauge your growth.

Performance profile radar chart PDF