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New stuff in the works!

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I’m so excited about the projects I’m working on for MindGames.GG that I had to post a news post. Even though I know that nobody actually reads my news blog… almost everybody comes solely for the articles and training.

Aiming for Pro!

This is a new course I am working up that directly addresses eSport athletes that are NOT yet professional and are training to get there. So excited to work with people who are facing problems like time constraints, motivation problems, overcoming soloQ trolls, and trying to increase their training effectiveness.


This idea is probably going to happen. I already have the mic and mic-stand! I want to interview coaches on how they use sport psych in their training and how they try to develop talent in their teams. Also going to do training podcasts and Q & A stuff hopefully. Look for it over the new year.

League of Legends Daily Goals

I recently had the awesome idea to get a daily goals thing going that runs as a companion piece to my free goal setting training. I’d probably post them up on instagram so you could follow the account and get an quick daily training goal on your phone every day.


I love making motivational slides with quotes and sport images for all my articles. I figured it is a waste to just have them on my blog. If I put them up on pinterest people could have access to all of them in the same place, and choose the best one for the day to suit their mood for training.


Anyway just had to share my ideas. Maybe getting all of them down on paper will help me progress on them. Tonight I am working on finishing up my next free online course on Self-Talk and hope to have it up and available by the middle of the week. Lots of stuff happening at MindGames.GG this Christmas!

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