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Mindfulness Acceptance Commitment (MAC)

Control Your Emotions
Break Through Plateaus
Gain Consistent Performance
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What is MAC?

Weldon’s training program helps you perform at a higher level.

47 Daily Video Lessons

7 Modules

Extra activites & worksheets

Constant development!

What's in a Lesson?


Guided mindfulness session which evolves throughout the program

Lecture on the topic of the day

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I learned about your program through a League friend at UCI eSports. This year I helped manage their league team & he recommended this program to me. It’s been quite insightful and refreshing! I’m currently doing it right now with my BF and we are getting great insight and an eye opener for our mental states.@anniezzzg

I’ve had consistent and rapid improvement in OW in the week I’ve been following your MAC program!Jim Pepper, @DrPeppuhs

I love how you get compliments sent by email for finishing the first week of MAC.Jenna, @Blizzing

Money-Back Guarantee

The MAC program is my personal mission in esport. It's designed to be effective, affordable, and to create real change. If you are unhappy with the program, or it doesn't suit you, then you simply refund it from your dashboard. I have no time-limit for refunds. I'm trying to trade my time perfecting this program for your success and value that it brings you. And if you don't find that success, then we should undo the trade!

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It's Right For You

List of Things MAC Effects

  • Studying
  • Leadership
  • Performance
  • Relationships
  • Parenthood
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Creative endeavors
  • And more!

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