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Gain mental resilience.

Improve your focus & performance.

Become a mindful warrior.

– DO YOU –• Struggle to control your emotions in game?
• Play inconsistently?
• Put in the time training, but don’t get the results?


• Prevent tilting and emotional play.
• Show consistent performance up to your level.
• Improve training focus to break through plateaus.

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                Week 1              </a>
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                Week 2              </a>
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                Week 3              </a>
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                Week 4              </a>
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            <a href="#ttfmp-panels-item-content-1468106287888">
                Week 5              </a>
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                Week 6              </a>
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                Week 7              </a>
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  1. Mindfulness
  2. Mindfulness is not
  3. Mindfulness in life
  4. Seated training
  5. Schema
  6. Cognitive fusion
  7. Mindlessness
  1. Centering
  2. Learning
  3. Value-driven behavior
  4. Sport mindfulness
  5. Sacrificed for emotions
  6. Performance values
  7. Common problems
  1. Acceptance
  2. Sport mindfulness
  3. Avoidance
  4. Willing acceptance
  5. Training
  6. Common issues
  7. Mindfulness is not
  1. Commitment
  2. Emotional vs value-driven
  3. Performance
  4. Absorption in the task
  5. Common problems
  1. Flow
  2. Poise
  3. Value-driven performance
  4. Exposure
  5. Building a system
  6. Sport mindfulness
  7. Common problems
  1. Enhancing
  2. Looking back
  3. Focus on the task
  4. The walk
  5. Planning
  6. MAC
  7. Graduation


I’ve had consistent and rapid improvement in OW in the week I’ve been following your MAC program!

Jim Pepper, @DrPeppuhs

Your MAC Program is amazing! I got it 2 days ago and my mindfulness has improved so much.

Moses, @HealthySpoonGG

I love how you get compliments sent by email for finishing the first week of MAC.

Jenna, @Blizzing

The MAC program was pioneered in 2004 with the publication of The Psychology of Enhancing Human Performance: The Mindfulness-Acceptance-Commitment Approach by Gardner and Moore. In 2012 I adapted the program to 46 daily lessons and updated it to include daily guided mindfulness sessions. Since then I’ve tested it successfully with esport clubs such as Copenhagen Wolves, CounterLogic Gaming, and Team Solomid, as well as a number of individual athletes.