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Getting started with high performance

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Sport psychology–or performance psychology–is concerned with two things:

  • right now, in this exact moment, how to perform at your peak, and
  • how to improve faster than your opponents.

This might sound a lot like self-improvement. And that’s correct. In my opinion this is all about how to be all you can be, and finding a way to fulfill your potential.

There are a lot of self-improvement self-help books, gurus, videos, and what not floating around the internet. What makes sport psychology any different? Well for starters, most everything you will read is either a philosophy or an anecdote (collection of experiences).

Whereas, sport psychology is the science of human improvement.

We are concerned with the nuts and bolts of the mind-body connection, and with concrete measurable results.

As we dive into the tools and techniques I use in pursuit of optimal performance, I want to highlight why I start first and foremost with tools that help you do something.

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

~Confucius, the original self-help guru


Focus. Everything comes down to focus.

When sport psychology researches championship athletes, there is always a story of deep focus applied over time.

Mindfulness is one of the best ways to train that focus, and to understand how your mind can be distracted in competition and training.

What is tilt or choking? Simply put, focusing on the wrong thing. However, focusing on the right thing is really hard. I mean, if it were easy everybody would be a champion.

I use as my go-to mindfulness training app. It’s convenient, fun to use, and the content is absolutely excellent.

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