Visual working memory limitations

Esport Coaching Science Abstracts Liang, T., Cheng, Z., Hu, W. et al. Limitations of concurrently representing objects within view and in visual working memory. Sci Rep 10, 5351 (2020). This study asked two questions: Do things that are visible to you compete with the same resources you use for visualization?They hypothesized, in line with previous research, that there […]

The Comeback Mindset: The Basics of Mental Resilience

In the first round of the EU LCS playoffs, team ROCCAT pulled off a seemingly impossible win, while 2 games down in a best of 5 series.  With all friendly turrets gone, and multiple inhibitors down, how in the world did they keep their cool, and hold their focus to eventually win that game? […]

5 Easy Steps to Tame the Blame Game

Does your team’s communication devolve into a blame game?  You know, when your players point the finger at each other for misplays or losses, rather than using constructive team talk to help win?  If they answer is yes, I’m sure you are aware that this can send your team’s morale into a downward spiral very […]

Navigate SoloQ Rage with these five cardinal points

If you’re like me, you enjoy video games because they’re fun. I enjoy making plays that helps win a teamfight, or chaining my skills together for a well-executed combo. I get excited watching professional gamers’ brilliant display of skill, strategy, and out of the box thinking. I then try to do what these professionals do […]

Top 10 sexiest (most motivating) champions: Give yourself a reason to train

Spice it up! If you are looking for a reason to have fun and motivate yourself to play, these sexy champions can be the eye candy that makes doing the drills fun. And if you can’t spend your Valentine’s Day weekend chasing tail, but are ranking up instead, at least you can enjoy playing with these fine […]

How too many decisions will ruin your game; And you won’t even feel it.

Imagine. You are playing an intense match. The game has reached a late stage. A single mistake by either team will spell defeat. As you sit on razor’s edge, fingers hovering over an all-important key, the moment comes. Mayhem ensues, and a victor emerges. The scene I just described could have come from numerous recent […]

Aiming For Pro: How To Coach Yourself – Webinar 2

Help me out by providing feedback on the webinar! The question is irrelevant: Mindset is the answer. The Making of an Expert Talent is Overrated Coping gets you ahead. The three people you want to have around you as a social network in order to keep your mindset healthy. These three kinds of people will […]

Top 10 League of Legends coaching websites

For players who are just starting out in the league rankings, learning the mechanics and strategy of the game can be daunting. With over a hundred champions, it takes most players quite a while to find even a handful of champions they like playing and feel confident enough with to play ranked. There are lots […]

Top 5 Coaching Books for eSport Coaches – Increase your Expertise

Remember: If you are looking to coach for payment, or if you are looking for a coach (even a free one), check out our article on the best League of Legends coaching websites from around the web! Top 10 League of Legends Coaching Websites. The winner and still sitting at #1 after a full year […]