Crumbz lays out how to go pro in esports

2015 is the year of eSport. If anybody thought 2014 was big, their mind is going to be blown during the next 12 months. Just last week I gave a speech at BeatCon, a gaming industry conference that mixes hard metal, steampunk, and game developers. (What? Yes, it’s a thing) Anyway during that speech I […]

My story

Recently I’ve been asked “What do I get when I pay for sport psychology training?” It’s been a tough question to answer, because every mental skills coach is different. So I decided I need to tell you my story. “What do I get when I pay for sport psychology training?” You get me. So who […]

eSport sportsmanship on the blogs

This week to complement my sportsmanship article there was some wonderful discussion all around the web about the competitive fighting game scene and the recent drama there concerning Capcom’s reality TV show. Today Penny Arcade posted an article offering some pushback to Ben Kuchera’s article highlighting the sexual harassment culture purportedly associated with the genre. […]


Thanks for visiting my new website, Mindgames Consulting.  This site is dedicated to the discussion of sport psychology among my two favorite eSports, League of Legends and Starcraft 2.  I am still updating content and getting the site underway.  There will be a grand opening after all the content is updated, so please stop back […]