How to implement corporate rules like TSM with Urszula Klimczak

Urszula Klimczak, business psychologists and manager. We delve into: How to copy TSM’s well-built environment What to do as a CEO to motivate your athletes Why you should keep secrets from your players

Building and Coaching a Rank 1 Challenger Team

I’m joined by Angel Vigil, the team manager at Enemy Esports as he talks about building the squad up from nothing. He delves into their head coach, Brad, and what he does different that sets him apart, what esport coaches should do different than traditional sport coaches, why parents should read their kid’s contracts, and the […]

From unranked to 2.2k ELO in 4 weeks

In this episode I interview Aleš “Freeze” Kněžínek, the marksman for the professional League of Legends team Copenhagen Wolves. We talk about how he trained to go from unranked to 2.2k ELO in less than three weeks, why that got him noticed by recruiters, and the tactics he had to use due to an enforced […]