Fast Food Gaming: Why our culture makes you worse at esports (HINT It’s not about eating while you play)

You're starving. Thinking of food when you’ve had none for hours can create that feeling. Finally, you arrive at a place with food options. One is a restaurant where you could wait an hour before being seated, and the other? Fast food. You hunger pangs scream loudly for the quickest route to fill your stomach [...]

The best tool to transfer your coaching experience to esport

Last week I was contacted by an ex-martial-arts coach who wanted to know if his experience transferred into League of Legends coaching. Now first off, before I answer, let me clarify that essentially what I am trying to do at MindGames.GG is to make everybody into a coach. “But I don’t want to be a [...]

Top 10 sexiest (most motivating) champions: Give yourself a reason to train

Spice it up! If you are looking for a reason to have fun and motivate yourself to play, these sexy champions can be the eye candy that makes doing the drills fun. And if you can’t spend your Valentine's Day weekend chasing tail, but are ranking up instead, at least you can enjoy playing with these fine [...]

Crumbz lays out how to go pro in esports

2015 is the year of eSport. If anybody thought 2014 was big, their mind is going to be blown during the next 12 months. Just last week I gave a speech at BeatCon, a gaming industry conference that mixes hard metal, steampunk, and game developers. (What? Yes, it's a thing) Anyway during that speech I [...]

How too many decisions will ruin your game; And you won’t even feel it.

Imagine. You are playing an intense match. The game has reached a late stage. A single mistake by either team will spell defeat. As you sit on razor's edge, fingers hovering over an all-important key, the moment comes. Mayhem ensues, and a victor emerges. The scene I just described could have come from numerous recent [...]

Growth community

A community can provide support, coaching, direction, and accountability all at the same time. Like-minded & passionate peers and mentors adapt to serve your daily needs. Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little [...]

Mental Fortitude

Mental fortitude is a life skill. Handling frustration with a teammate? It's the same skill as handling it with your children. Research shows the skills you develop in competition do not transfer to life without support, mentors, and self-reflection. Even achieving high rank on the ladder does not benefit you, unless you understand the lessons you've [...]

A Story of Doping in eSports: And Proven Tips to Optimize Your Performance (legally!)

UPDATE: I have created an instructional page for nootropics (Cognitive Enhancing Supplements) for esport. Check it out here to optimize your game WITHOUT the use of illegal stimulants! Learn More about Nootropics “I witnessed doping a lot. It was lying around, like aspirin. The most common was Ritalin. The first time we took it was [...]

Develop from competition

SoloQ player? Aspiring professional? Dedicated streamer? Weekend warrior? Competition brings out the worst and the best in people. Esport is a crucible for growth that can help develop transferable life skills. Better people make better athletes. And esport gives the opportunity to grow and develop your mental resilience as you aim for perfection, and learn from failure. Make [...]