Aiming For Pro: How To Coach Yourself – Webinar 2

Help me out by providing feedback on the webinar! The question is irrelevant: Mindset is the answer. The Making of an Expert Talent is Overrated Coping gets you ahead. The three people you want to have around you as a social network in order to keep your mindset healthy. These three kinds of people will […]

Top 6 Mental Habits to Dominate Solo Queue

Getting into a habit can take time, and changing habits that we find to be ineffective can be even more troublesome. When setting a goal for solo queue in League of Legends consider these habits that will help provide opportunities for sustained success if you desire to grind out many games a day and for […]

Top 10 League of Legends coaching websites

For players who are just starting out in the league rankings, learning the mechanics and strategy of the game can be daunting. With over a hundred champions, it takes most players quite a while to find even a handful of champions they like playing and feel confident enough with to play ranked. There are lots […]

Mental strength is paramount

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “When should I begin mental training?” Most athletes believe that first they must be an elite performer, and then they will work on the nitty gritty stuff. Unfortunately they couldn’t be more wrong. “If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall […]

Top 5 Coaching Books for eSport Coaches – Increase your Expertise

Remember: If you are looking to coach for payment, or if you are looking for a coach (even a free one), check out our article on the best League of Legends coaching websites from around the web! Top 10 League of Legends Coaching Websites. The winner and still sitting at #1 after a full year […]

My story

Recently I’ve been asked “What do I get when I pay for sport psychology training?” It’s been a tough question to answer, because every mental skills coach is different. So I decided I need to tell you my story. “What do I get when I pay for sport psychology training?” You get me. So who […]

A champion’s professional attitude

It’s possible to be a professional eSport athlete without having a professional mindset. Getting paid to play is usually achieved by attaining a certain level of performance. However, developing that play into a championship means dedication, hard work, and a mindset that allows for you to overcome defeats and strive for victory. There’s always the […]

Gaining rank next season: Values vs Behavior

With the ranked season ended in League of Legends, many players are taking stock of where they finished the season and if they are satisfied with their rank or if they would like to increase it in the upcoming season. An example of this would be a person obtaining a rank of Silver in this […]