Five steps to rev up your soloQ rewards — and motivation!

Using rewards to keep yourself motivated.  It makes sense.  You do something well, get a pat on the back for it, and then you will want to do it more…right? Well, I have a sneaking suspicion that you have tried something like this before, and it didn’t quite work out the way you wanted it […]

How To Fix Your Mindset: Defeating SoloQ Anxiety – with Freud!

“Hey, are you playing solo queue tonight?” That’s just a simple question from a friend right? Your problem is that this “simple question” has started you on a roller coaster of anxiety as you think about trying to move up the solo queue ladder. Bad memories come flooding back as you remember AFK’s, people raging […]

Ending on a Hai Note: The need for an OP Support…Network

“Team environment/morale was at an all-time low since Worlds 2014. We didn’t have the most spectacular 2014 Summer Split and our run at Worlds was not the best we could’ve done. We tried very hard to figure out how to get back into shape for winning Worlds but we struggled and the team atmosphere started to decline. Winning […]

BREAK Into SoloQ: 5 Steps to More Motivation

Let’s face it.  It is pretty tough to get things done when you are feeling grumpy. So when you are faced with doing tasks that have potential to make you even grumpier, it’s natural to want to avoid that situation entirely.  This is often the case while engaging in competitive gaming and setting lofty goals […]

How to implement corporate rules like TSM with Urszula Klimczak

Urszula Klimczak, business psychologists and manager. We delve into: How to copy TSM’s well-built environment What to do as a CEO to motivate your athletes Why you should keep secrets from your players

Building and Coaching a Rank 1 Challenger Team

I’m joined by Angel Vigil, the team manager at Enemy Esports as he talks about building the squad up from nothing. He delves into their head coach, Brad, and what he does different that sets him apart, what esport coaches should do different than traditional sport coaches, why parents should read their kid’s contracts, and the […]

Managing a new ranked 5’s team in League of Legends

Esports is awesome because five minutes after watching Froggen carry his team on Ahri, you can log into League of Legends and queue up for mid-lane. You want to experience the joy of a well-cast charm as the hapless opponent walks right into your follow-up. That doesn’t end at individual play. After watching how much […]

From unranked to 2.2k ELO in 4 weeks

In this episode I interview Aleš “Freeze” Kněžínek, the marksman for the professional League of Legends team Copenhagen Wolves. We talk about how he trained to go from unranked to 2.2k ELO in less than three weeks, why that got him noticed by recruiters, and the tactics he had to use due to an enforced […]