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Learning about MindGames.GG’s flagship product

Honestly representing a product is very important for affiliates. When people make a purchase based on your recommendation, you want them to come back and leave positive reviews on your post or episode. Social proof is a big part of helping people make decisions!

However, I know that not all of you have the time or energy to dig through the entire program yourself. I want to provide information, and even scripts, that you can use to correctly and honestly represent the MAC program.


What is MAC?

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Inside the MAC Program

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What is the MAC program?

MAC stands for Mindfulness, Acceptance, Commitment. This is a 7-week program developed in the early ’00s by Frank Gardner and Zella Moore, two prominent performance psychologists.

On MindGames.GG the MAC program is seven modules with seven sessions each. Each session is meant to be completed easily in a single day, and consists of

Additionally, the participant gets an email every day introducing them to the session and inviting them to come and complete it. (These emails pause at the end of each module to let people catch up.)

What problems does the MAC solve?

Almost everybody is mentally tough in some facet of their lives. Maybe you lift weights or train in the face of physical pain. Maybe you studied a beloved subject intensely, despite the low points. Perhaps you endure momentary suffering for a treasured relationship.

All those situations employ the same mindset. Approaching success instead of avoiding failure.

However, humans are notoriously bad at applying those lessons to our whole lives. It’s not our fault really, we were just wired up the wrong way.

So we bumble around lifting weights while smoking. Studying while simultaneously procrastinating. And lashing out at those that we love.

The MAC program helps you

  1. wire up values to goals,
  2. become aware of avoidant behavior, and
  3. accept the challenge of negative emotions or thoughts.
  1. Goals are usually outcome based. Values refer to how we want to live the day-to-day journey. How we want to be remembered by those close to us. When you combine the two, you end up with very motivating goals!

  2. Avoidant behavior is our default mode. When a human sees pain it runs the other direction. Unfortunately in today’s abundant world, physical hardships are rarely forced upon you, and so avoiding the emotional ones stunts your growth.

  3. One of the myths of performance enhancement is that you must reduce or somehow remove negative thoughts or emotions. In fact, most champions recognize that performance behaviors are not tied to those negative thoughts or emotions as strongly as everybody believes. They have learned to act on their values despite the uncomfortableness (remember the weight-lifting analogy?).

Ultimately the MAC program solves personal barriers related to turning motivation into effort. Everybody is motivated. Few people can act on those motivations.

Who does the MAC program serve?

Absolutely everybody. Gardner and Zella’s MAC program was designed for business and sport performers. However, mindfulness meditation has been shown to improve the lives of every single person in every situation.

MAC is mindfulness combined with growth psychology. It’s about taking well-being and using it to push yourself to higher levels of self-development and achievement.

Whatever it is you are attempting? It works better when you have poise [The ability to act in service of your higher values despite painful internal states].

What concrete results can you expect?


The ability to act in service of your values despite contrary urges, or painful internal states.


An artificial flow-state of complete attention on the task at hand. Mindful practitioners act on the outside as if they are in-the-zone on the inside. (In fact, it’s also been proven that regular mindfulness causes people to enter natural flow-state much more often than normal!)

Pricing versus content

The MAC program is currently priced at 147€ for lifetime access to the course and all future additions or improvements (upgrades).

When I teach the MAC program in person I’ve been paid as much as 3500€.

The video MAC program is almost twice as long as the live MAC program! 16 hours of video compared to 8 hours of live training. This is because in the live MAC program I usually follow-up with individual training, which is not available for video trainees.

Additionally, there are many more activities in the video MAC program. The live MAC program typically has 2-4 activities per module for a total of 21. The video MAC program has one each day for 49.