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Current Coupons

Clicking any of the links below will bring the visitor directly to the checkout page for the product. You can send them the link in an email or provide it to them on your website. To make sure they get the discount, ask them to use your link to checkout instead of the link on the product’s page on MindGames.GG.


The MAC Program

Endorsements versus Reviews

When you promote an affiliate product, it’s a good idea to be clear if you are endorsing something or reviewing it.

When you review a product, talk about your experience and the concrete results you’ve achieved. Discuss the annoying or bad parts of the program as well as the highlights.

When you are endorsing something, make sure to be clear that you have not personally tried this particular product. (NOTE: Affiliates found in violation of this term may have their affiliation revoked and payments canceled.) Instead you base you endorsement on your own expertise or experience in life, and your past relationship with me.

A good example might be:
This is a mindfulness based mental toughness program from my friend Weldon, who has been a huge help in sorting out my performance mindset. I’ve tried mindfulness before elsewhere and agree that it’s really powerful for athletes, esport or otherwise. Here’s an great coupon for his program, so check it out and let us know how it went!

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Read about the Mind Games Affiliate Program