Who is Weldon & What is Mind Games?

I am foremost a father and a competitor. By experience: an ex-athlete, professional sport & esport coach, and entrepreneur. By expertise: a sport psychology trainer.

My website is a resource for optimization and training. Here I collect the tools I use to pursue optimal performance, provide courses for my training, and publish my shows and writing.

I grew up in Minnesota, and swam for St. Olaf College while studying for dual degrees math and English–originally music. Afterwards I pursued a brief career as an English teacher that took me to places like Chile, Japan, China, and Finland. In 2008 I started retraining as a professional sports coach, and pursued a master’s degree in sport & exercise psychology with a focus on youth development through sport. Professional esport represents a marriage of elite performance and personal development. My dream is to make a global impact on coaches of youth and amateur esport.


“Finding a qualified speaker for your event can be difficult. If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, please contact me and I’d be happy to discuss any details.”

I love inspiring audiences to take action, and break out of mindsets that are limiting their potential. Additionally, my experience in traditional sport management and marketing contains great parallels in the management and business of esport organizations. I’ve leveraged those lessons to great personal success, and love to share my insights.

Sport psychology, or performance psychology, challenges myths about our own abilities and what is keeping us in check. I am energetic about sharing those breakthroughs–and seeing them happen in the audience.


In addition to speaking, I provide a number of custom workshops:

Optimizing Performance – Learn which variables matter, and which don’t. Catch up-to-date with the most cutting edge research on habits and tools for maximizing learning, growth, and the performance moment. Cut out the noise and save time and effort by avoiding non-research-based practices.

Work-Life vs Elite-Life – How to pursue a world class life with well-being. Living a well-balanced life is a general pursuit for the masses, but it isn’t a given for those that wish to stand on top of the world in a singular skill or craft. However, there are ways to pursue an imbalanced life with well-being.

Coach Training – Bring your organization’s coaching and management staff up-to-speed with practices honed across multiple years of coaching elite athletes.


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