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My Story

Read the full version of who I am and how I came to be a sport psychology trainer here.

TL:DR version

A competitive swimmer who was injured by my coach in college.

I spent the next 8 years on a journey of personal discovery spanning the globe, trying to become a better coach, one who cares about an athlete’s wellness.

Became a swim coach, then a sport psychology trainer.

I’ve had wonderful opportunities to:

Read my story here.

A chamion’s mindset doesn’t form the day they win.

It starts when they wake up, 10 years before that match.

Bruce Lee Defeat

Fun facts about Weldon

As a gamer… my personal history

Ask me a question on my eSport psychology Q & A

I run a Q&A forum on this website. Membership is free! Stop by and ask a question


I am an American living in Finland

Teacher and professional swim coach; sport psychology trainer and blog author.

Lived and worked all over the world in Chile, Japan, Boston, China, and Finland. With travels as well in Germany, Sweden, Russian, Peru, Korea, the UK, and Denmark.

Coaching philosophy

As a professional swim coach since I strive to develop personal mental strength and a mindset of motivation. As a mental skills trainer I seek for a clarity of purpose, and value-driven behavior as opposed to avoidance typically seen in those who fail to reach their goals.


I do constant research to develop myself and the field. Currently I am supervising a Master’s thesis in sport psychology within eSport.


If you are interested in my expertise please contact me.

Company Information

Attn: Weldon Green

Mind Games Consulting

Helokantie 5h B24

40640, Jyväskylä


Business ID: 2645952-2

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