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Top 10 League of Legends coaching websites

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For players who are just starting out in the league rankings, learning the mechanics and strategy of the game can be daunting. With over a hundred champions, it takes most players quite a while to find even a handful of champions they like playing and feel confident enough with to play ranked.

There are lots of great guides (Forthcoming!), but if you want to interact in real-time with a live person who can give you personal tips and advice about your game, here are some sites that offer League of Legends coaching.

Or if your game mechanics and strategy are already elite, check out what you can do to improve the mental side of your game.

1. League Coaching

This is by far 😉 my fave site. League Coaching, or LoL coaching as the URL says offers by far the most and widest range of coach rankings, with over thirteen thousand coaches serving thirty thousand players on nine servers. A-ma-Zing. League Coaching verifies all their coaches and limits each coach to specific roles and champions in order to promote each coach’s expertise.

The main page for coaching lets you sort by role, champion, league, language, hourly rate, XP (skill & coaching ability) and rating. Each coach has a profile page with detailed information, and an easy app for messaging and scheduling. Some of the coaches handle billing through League Coaching via PayPal, and some of the coaches handle their own billing.

With over 13,000 coaches, League Coaching is a bit like the wild wild West of LoL coaching sites. Coach league rankings vary between Challenger I and Unranked.

Yes, you can get coaching from someone who is unranked.

If you yourself are unranked, this might be a good place to start, especially because services are offered for free!

Which is another great thing about League Coaching: the price. The most expensive coaching tops out under $30 per hour, and tons of the coaching from all ranks of players is offered for free or ‘pay what you feel’ for coaches as high as Diamond in the league rankings. Maybe not the kind of coaching you need if you want to go pro, but certainly a great pool of knowledge to draw from.

If you are low on the ladder and open to pointers from people who are confident in their game and looking to give support to others, League Coaching is a great place to start. League Coaching also offers team coaching. This is a neat feature that helps  you run a ranked team, or participate in coaching together as a team.


2. eGG-one school

egg one
EGG-one school offers coaching for the most popular professionally competitive computer games: League of Legends, StarCraft II, Counter Strike, chess and poker. They have about 30 people offering  coaching in English, over 60 French-speaking coaches as well as coaching in German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

On the main coaching page you can see the coaches’ hourly rates, hours of previous coaching, league rank and customer satisfaction rating. It’s easy to sort by language, role, league and server by ticking boxes on the left hand side of the page to narrow your search. It’s also really easy to see when you can book a time slot right from the calendar on each coach’s profile page.

You can book and pay via paypal. In addition they also offer in-game training via duo queue. There is a big spread of experience – some coaches don’t have any coaching hours logged yet, the most popular coach has logged more than a thousand hours. Many of the coaches offer discounted hourly rates if  you book more than one hour.


3. LOL training house

LoL training house is a robust community of  two thousand four hundred players looking for mentors, mentees, training partners and duo queue partners.

On the players page you can filter the results by role, region, rank, and language. Each player on the site has a detailed profile page where you can easily see their win/loss ratio on each champion, game lengths, and usual playing times. Filter by mentor and you can see people who are looking to coach others.

Currently there are about thirty diamond ranked coaches taking mentees.  You can also upload replays of your games for the whole community to watch and comment on. The best thing is of course that LoL training house is free for all its users. Plus you can find people to play with, not only to train you.

Elo Boosting

All the rest of the coaching sites listed here (4-10) also offer Elo/MMR Boosting in addition to League of Legends coaching services.

I focus on the coaching in hopes that these guys can focus on legit coaching and get out of boosting.

You can read Riot’s stance on boosting and you can read my opinion (Forthcoming: Top 666 reasons Elo boosting is Evil).


4. LOL Academy

lol academy
LoL Academy has a clean interface that lets you filter the selection of coaches by server, language, role or champion. Currently they have about 30 active coaches (mostly in North America or Europe West)  who offer coaching in eight languages for between about $10 and $30 per hour.

You can see the coaches’ hourly rate, league rank, hours logged coaching, languages, and roles on the coaching main page. Each coach also has a detailed profile and info from the coach about his style, as well as feedback from players who have worked with him. LoL Academy offers coaching and elo boosting for League of Legends. You can pay via paypal or credit card.


5. LOL Boost

lol boost
LoL Boost offers coaching, duo queue, and guides (and elo boosting) for League of Legends. LoL Boost has 60 coaches working on six servers working in 14 languages for between $15 and $45 per hour.

On the main coaching page it’s easy to see each coach’s rate, league rank, roles, languages as well as the coach’s customer review rating []. Each coach has made their own coaching profile with information for players. Some of the coaches offer both individual and team coaches.

In addition to coaching, LoL Boost also sells a wide range of champion guides made by professional players. They also have special offers that bundle coaching hours and guides for individuals or teams and offer a subscription. Payment via paypal.


6. Elo-Boost

elo boost
Coaches on Elo-Boost charge between $15-$20 per hour. Most of the coaches are Diamond and the site has great information about the coaches (coaching style, stats for different champions, top champions and prefered roles) along with detailed customer reviews.  The people who made Elo-Boost also run the new Lol-DuoQ.

 7.ESports Moodle


ESports Moodle currently has 52 active coaches, speaking 8 different languages who gave 53 hours of coaching last 30 days. Most of the coaches speak English or Chinese, but they also have coaching in German and Polish. the prices vary a lot, from 3.75 euros per hour to 187 euros per hour. This is by far the most expensive hourly price I have seen online. Each coach has a profile that says their language, ranking, roles and champions. You can select number of hours, individual or team coaching and currency for payment.

8. Elitist gaming

elitist gaming
Elitist gaming advertises LoL coaching at $30 per hour. You can choose between five  regions (NA, EUW, EUNE, Turkey and Russia)  and the five standard roles. The site doesn’t give any information about the coaches or time tables, but the interface is streamlined and simple. You can pay by credit card or paypal. The fact that there is so little information about the coaching seems a little sketch to me, so buyer beware. The site also offers elo boosting and rating boosting for World of Warcraft.


9a. ELOBoost LoL and 9b. ELO24H

Like the name suggests, ELOBoost LoL is primarily dedicated to ELO boosting. However, they also have fifteen coaches offering coaching for between $15 and $25 per hour. On the coaching main page you can see the hourly rate, rank, roles and languages. Each coach has a profile page with some information about the coach. According to the site, every coach has exactly 140 hours coaching experience and 97%  positive reviews. Coaches are ranked platinum or diamond. Although these are different sites, the same coaches are listed on both.


10. Gee Gee elo boost

gee gee elo boost

This site has quite simple offerings, with only six coaches. All charge each $20 per hour,  all are ranked in Diamond and all coach every role. It would be nice if there were more information, but it seems that you have to login to their website to see more about the coaches’ biographies.


Update: Information in this post is current as of April 19 2015. It was originally posted on Dec 16 2014.