Mindgames the web-APP : Beta launch


What a long time coming this day was.

A few days ago I was going through my old blog website preparing for today, and I found my very first article from 2011.

My first article on this website from 2011

I even included a little timeline of my progress that month

I was very prolific that first week…

It’s been a nine year journey from post #1 to podcast #264 and the launch of Mind Games Program (v.3) web-app MVP!

When I first made v.1 of the Mindgames program, I perceived a problem with esports: 

Unless done correctly, gaming was detrimental compared to amateur sport.

Usually amateur sport is:

  • Local
  • Live
  • Physical

Whereas amateur video games are:

  • National/ International
  • Online
  • Minimal movement

Give a person an organized sport experience and there is no guarantee they come out as an improved person. However, coming up against physical limits is kind of an automatic-training mechanism for grit, or mental toughness.

Amateur sport done correctly offers social and emotional growth that foments in the arena of sport.

Comparatively, esport, if left to its own devices, has a lot of disadvantages:

  • A vast ocean of anonymous match making
  • Faceless, transient “teammates” who all have differing goals
  • Constant ranking algorithms that see “success” as putting you into 50/50 win rate
  • And one does not get accidental fitness nor overcome the physical limits of their body with mental resilience

Despite that, the growth offered by esport can far surpass amateur sport.

Imagine achieving social and emotional growth in the rugged, unforgiving environment of esport outlined above. You end up coming out forged as a kind of mental warrior.

I created my first version of the MAC program in 2015 to help gamers (competitive gamers?,  esport-ers?) achieve that end. The main goal was making time spent pursuing mastery in a game not a waste.

Now in 2020 with this v.3 launch, I finally transition from a video course to a full-fledged web-app. In future emails, I will show how the capabilities a web-app offers enable much more behavior change than a video course.

THE APP (beta)

Currently, the web-app is minimally functional.

  • Can you watch today’s lecture? Yes
  • Can you do today’s activity? Yes
  • Can you do a mindfulness session? Yes

Is the app smooth, easy, and automated to accomplish the above things? NOT SO MUCH

If you wish to wait a few more months for a cleaner experience, feel free.

Here is the web-app ( https://app.mindgames.gg )

Here is the Roadmap ( https://trello.com/b/9DmpHsDu ) where I will be updating all users on the progress of the app.

Public development roadmap


My main ally in the process of getting the Mindgames App to launch is Sam. He has worked long hours powered mostly by passion and principles. I’ll be sharing with him a percentage of revenue from the sales of this app as a partner in the project; so purchasing the app directly supports him. You can follow his blog here https://kuzma.tech

My brother Karl will be helping me starting with this launch to comb through and catalog what is sure to be a deluge of feedback. We stand ready to help with password resets, find people coupon codes, refund those of you who become uninterested, and prioritize all the bugs you report. Here is his Support-Twitter https://twitter.com/MindGamesKarl


Below are the ways that you can participate in and support the beta development of this app. I recommend using one of the codes below in order to tag your account permanently in case there are future cosmetic rewards.

Grandfathered in

Anybody who purchased the video course is grandfathered into the subscription web-app as a founder. Please contact me at support@mindgames.gg if you previously purchased the MAC program and have not received an email with your code options.

Esport is powered by voluntary spending. From streaming donations, to gift lists, from cosmetic items to crowd sourcing; esport has defined it’s economy as participation of the willing and the able.

In light of that, I have received countless requests over the years for “How can we support you, Weldon?” 

My response has always been: “Wait, and then buy the app.”

However, participation in a beta app is not quite as fun as getting a polished product.

Therefore, I’m creating beta coupons which will disappear as the app transitions to v1.0 release. These coupons will will tag your account as a beta user for possible future cosmetic rewards!

Beta Coupons

Code: beta
Discount: 50% reduced price until v1.0 release

If you use the beta code you get a 50% reduced price on the subscription until the v1.0 release of the beta.

ALPHA beta
Code: alpha
Discount: 10% off on first charge

If you use the alpha code you are essentially purchasing the app and fully supporting future development. The team and I thank you, and will do our best to steamroll development and change the world!

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